Why “Crash” Won

Kenneth Turan’s pitch-perfect assessment.


  1. March 9th, 2006 | 12:38 am

    Read Mr Turan’s column at the LA Envelope web site and also read Roger Eberts reply. Ken is right and Roger is wrong. I have made similar statements on different sites/blogs since the debacle occured Sunday. No film in the past several years has dominated the precursors like Brokeback Mountain. Critics across the country, awards from wide range of organizations and Guilds. And then to have T Curtis publicly state he was not voting for nor would he even see BBM was outrageous. And that he knew (which I think is true) that many members (male/straight) were not voting for or screening BBM. Ken Turan, you hit every point excatly right. At some level there had to have been a homophobic reaction and that led a No vote. Hollywood liberals my ass, that expression is now an offical oxymoron