N+1 Magazine Emailed me Again

  • [EDITOR'S NOTE: I have deleted this post, because Keith Gessen specifically requested in the email that it not be posted to the Internet. This blog is based in California. The first paragraph of the California Constitution guarantees each citizen's right to privacy. I do not desire that this blog be used to violate anyone's privacy. If Tao Lin does this again, I will permanently disable his posting rights.]

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    1. Fran Feb 27

      …I guess his encouraging people to commit crimes doesn’t qualify for deletion, never mind that all web Terms of Services I’ve read specifically say doing that’s not allowed. http://www.edrants.com/oscar07/?p=225 I’m assuming the TOS that you agreed to here stipulates something like that (?), which might somehow make you responsible for what posters say and do.

      Don’t forget to keep rewarding him with more outlets for his (in my opinion too often mediocre) work, more outlets for attention, and, of course, even more publishing contracts for all his wonderful behavior. He’s already repeatedly posted private emails of people on his blog, yet you gave him a forum here anyway (which IMO he has used to promote himself primarily, as usual), he’s plagiarized (off me), violated a copyright in another instance (of mine again), and has done many other nasty, very questionable things, including repeatedly insulting and harassing-with-insults certain web people (Maud Newton), claiming he has committed crimes (shoplifting and vandalizing), yet people keep rewarding him–unbelievable.

      In my opinion, at least with respect to his behavior on the web, he’s clearly out of control, and many people keep abetting this. If his behaviors keep up, if people keep letting him do these things and encouraging him, they shouldn’t be surprised if they wind up in court somewhere–or in legal trouble. People often get what their not-thought-out-enough actions ask for.

    2. Fran Feb 27

      Ooops–when I said “doesn’t qualify for deletion,” I meant doesn’t qualify for disabling.

    3. Tao Lin Feb 27

      self promotion:


      self promotion:



      forthcoming interview in redivider





      ‘shoplifting,’ ‘vandalizing’:

      read james chapman’s comments and others (https://www2.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=13096981&postID=115869981506795053)


      forthcoming interview in redivider and somewhere on my blog

      and fran you know i never plagiarized you or ‘insulted’ maud newton; i said that maud newton talks shit about george bush a lot and then renamed my blog ‘maud hamster’ one time

    4. Fran Feb 27

      Who the hell are you? Don’t tell me what I know. IIIII say what I know, not you. You have so plagiarized off me, at least twice. Don’t forget: I’ve printed out all your comments on that. You clearly plagiarized off my photos when you DREW A DRAWING BASED ON THEM AND SOLD IT IN eBAY–I’ve got all the evidence about that too. As I’ve already said, you had no right to do this. And you came back with a half-assed nonapology only after I said I would contact eBay about it. You can’t even apologize. It’s like you have no concept of anyone’s feelings but your own.

      I’ve seen you make repeatedly insulting comments about Newton on your blog and elsewhere, and say/write misogynistic, sexist comments/skits about her on Noah’s blog, which he has since deleted. You even posted a private email from her at your place with her saying you should never email her again.

      I don’t give a shit what ridiculously illogical crap you’ve come up with to justify your behavior–justify it IN YOUR HEAD because it rarely justifies anything outside your head.

      In my opinion, you regularly copy off other writers; the mediocre always do because they can’t do much of anything on their own. Someone once said on your novel blog (which is where you copied off me–you clipped the description line from MY novel’s blog and put it on YOURS, and in my opinion also got the idea to do your blog from MINE, as evidenced by your own fucking email to me and your starting your blog within a fucking hour of emailing me and commenting on mine, and then I think you sold that novel to Dennis Loy Johnson, while mine sits unpublished. IIIIII’MMMMM a novelist, you are not, IIIIII’MMMMM a repeat phenomenon, you are not, which is why you had to clip something off ME, not the other way around) that something you’d written sounded like a line George Saunders had written and later on I noticed the same damn thing. In your letters to Joy Williams and Anne Beatty, you clearly said that you read their books right while writing yours. No wonder you sound exactly like them and Lorrie Moore: you copy from them. But in my opinion, copies are never as good as the originals.

      I’m not claiming anything that you yourself haven’t said and shown on your blogs. Consider yourself lucky that I didn’t email eBay and take other shit further. You may not be so lucky in future.

      Oh, and as far as your ridiculous illogic about shoplifting is concerned: in my opinion and experience, once again, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m tired of your constant hypocritical crap about decreasing “pain and suffering” while you harm people mentally (me and others), emotionally (me and others) and monetarily (the employees of the stores you shoplift from) with your behavior. I’ve worked in retail as management. I know first fucking goddamn hand that shoplifters likely only wind up hurting the MININIMUM WAGE and other underpaid underappreciated EMPLOYEES. The upper-echelon management and operating officers–they rarely if ever take pay cuts, have their positions downsized because of shoplifting; nothing normally changes for them right away, no matter how much shortage (stock loss) there is. However, stock shortages from shoplifting too often cause the upper echelons to downsize their employees, or reduce the wages of new employees, cut out their christmas bonuses, etc. Corporations often reach for dissing their lowest-rung employees FIRST for whatever reasons. When people like you shoplift, you likely wind up only hurting the employees who have already been and ARE already being hurt by the CORPORATIONS.

      In my opinion, your hypocritical “reducing pain and suffering” bullshit is often just that: bullshit, especially with respect to shoplifting.

    5. ed Feb 27

      Get a room, you two.

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