December 27, 2004

Barnes & Noble Plans to Add More Candles and Disco Ball on the Sales Floor

A recent New York survey found that Barnes & Noble was the best place to get a date. Together with the 98% Democratic PAC figures and expanded wi-fi access, it looks like B&N is on its way to becoming the new black. At least as chain store behemoths go. The big question here is how can indie book stores compete on the, er, hooking up angle.

(via GalleyCat)

Posted by DrMabuse at December 27, 2004 03:39 PM

Holy f**king crap--I laughed out loud HARD at this headline. Hi-larious. Found you via Old Hag; off to read (laugh) more. Thx.

Posted by: Colleen at December 31, 2004 11:56 AM