March 23, 2005

Around the Sphere

  • Maud has a report from a JSF reading. There are lots of mumbles and ashen expressions described.
  • Dan Green is refreshingly unapologetic about his long posts, while remaining concerned that his content is being tagged "read later."
  • Ms. Tangerine Muumuu has some alternative titles for reluctant memoirs.
  • Steve Almond offers eight reasons why he writes short stories. Apparently, he can't accept the flawed framework of a novel and doesn't care much for plot, two sensibilities which might account for why we've been unable to muster up more than cursory enthusiasm for his work.
  • Robert Birnbaum, a man who has apparently frightened so many authors that not even Zoe Heller can utter his name, talks with Nick Flynn.
  • Terry Teachout is a machine, I tell ya!
  • Apparently, romance novels are all about the nookie. All this time I thought they functioned as an excuse to get models who resemble Fabio off the dole. Who knew? (via Sarah)
Posted by DrMabuse at March 23, 2005 07:24 AM