April 20, 2005


  • Anne Rice has put up several homes for sale. If this is a sign that Rice is hard up for cash, I sure as hell hope that she doesn't end up tripling her output.
  • Apparently, there are substantial dangers in recommending books. Geotectonic plates have been known to shift. Tsunamis have spontaneously erupted in Middle America shortly after someone recommended The Kite Runner for the 892nd time in one day. Remember, kids, don't recommend books while driving.
  • One more reason to love Alice Munro: she's behind some eco-friendly publishing. That's great, but I have to ask. Wouldn't she have better results if she stopped writing stories altogether?
  • A Vietnam vet spit tobacco juice at Jane Fonda during a book signing, calling it a "debt of honor." I'd have something to say about how little courage can be gauged when spitting in the face of a 68 year old woman, but I'm a little too creeped out that there are guys out there who use tobacco juice as currency.
  • Book sales are out of control for the new pope. Publishers have been quietly urging the Holy See to elect a "second-string pope" so that they can double their sales.
  • This week is Robert Penn Warren's 100th birthday.
  • The LBC gets more momentum from the Book Babes? Huh?
  • Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has been named the new Pulitzer Chair.
  • And a hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hogan!
Posted by DrMabuse at April 20, 2005 11:29 AM