The Bat Segundo Show, returns from an eight month nap with new episodes featuring Lauren Beukes, Roxana Robinson, Lisa Hanawalt, and Elliott Holt

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Lauren Beukes

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The author of The Shining Girls discusses what it takes to find empathy in detestable characters, why fictitious sociopaths tend to drink Canadian Club, proper ways to explain backstory in narrative, parallels between South African and American history, why the Midwest is a draw, and how research creates ambiance. (37 mins.)

The Return of Bat Segundo

After an eight month absence, The Bat Segundo Show, the long-running cultural radio program devoted to informed conversations with today's authors and idiosyncratic thinkers, returns with four new shows!  We have redesigned the site so it is easier on phones and tablets.  You can also now listen to more than 500 shows from the main page.  We have returned to a weekly schedule. Episodes are released every Tuesday.

This latest quartet includes a sparkling talk with surreal artist Lisa Hanawalt (in which Our Correspondent is licked by a friendly dog during the entire conversation: a first in Bat Segundo history), a return appearance from the scintillating Lauren Beukes, in which we pursue a strange theory that all fictitious sociopaths tend to drink Canadian Club, a fresh conversation with the esteemed novelist Roxana Robinson, who reveals the importance of a hermetically sealed space and apartment floor plans, and (last but not least), a chat with the sublime Elliott Holt, in which we discuss why older women near Moscow swimming pools are not to be messed with.

Follow Your Ears

Due to the sheer amount of time it takes for us to produce one episode, our sister program, Follow Your Ears, has shifted to a monthly schedule. We'll be releasing a new FYE show on the last Tuesday of every month. The remaining Tuesdays are devoted to Bat Segundo.  Go to our main site for more.

You can also find all of our FYE shows on SoundCloud.

Roxana Robinson

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Roxana Robinson discusses her latest novel, Sparta, how to talk with veterans, why soldiers don't have a common experience, self-preservation vs. digital culture, Georgia O'Keeffe, playing tennis in inflatable courts, and how socioeconomic investigation into America's ills often occurs by accident. (55 mins.)

Lisa Hanawalt

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Artist Lisa Hanawalt talks with us about her collection My Dirty Dumb Eyes, informs us of the appropriate method to neigh like a horses, describes the bizarre business politics she observed at a toy fair, delineates the trappings of pop culture, tells us how to contend with online trolls, and even offers a few sartorial views. (1 hour, 3 mins.)

Elliott Holt

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Elliott Holt converses with us about her debut novel, You Are One of Them, her feelings about The Eagles, Chekhov vs. Dostoevsky, living in Moscow, baleful babushkas in the swimming pool, whether advertising is an inevitable reality in crumbling nations, and her reluctant feelings about the literary star system. There is also a brief attempt at a Boris and Natasha impersonation. (1 hour, 5 mins.)

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