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Carl Weathers (Matthew Halflife)

From the Quicksilver Logorrheaweb.

Carl Weathers (1948- ) is famed both as a football star and a B-list actor of dubious distinction. Perhaps best known to the world as Apollo Creed from the ROCKY films, Weathers began his career playing football at San Diego State and later played professionally with the Oakland Raiders.

But unlike his fellow football players (such as Bubba Smith, who would crash and burn in the POLICE ACADEMY movies, or O.J. Simpson, who would battle a TOWERING INFERNO both cinematically and personally), Weathers found some success with ROCKY. It may have helped that the film would go on to win Best Picture. But some experts have put forth the notion that the audience may have secretly wanted a black man to lose.

Whatever the case, Weathers would go on to play Apollo Creed in three more ROCKY films before falling prey to the Sentimental Death of a Supporting Character. (It should be noted that Weathers had nothing to do with Apollo Creed's death in ROCKY IV. The SDoaSC was a screenwriting technique perfected by Sylvester Stallone. Stallone often used this desperate technique to breathe life into his aging franchise. Apollo's death had been preceded by the death of Mickey in ROCKY III and had no bearing on Weathers' abilities as a performer.)

After the ROCKY films, Weathers continued to act in roles. He appeared in PREDATOR as the tough black guy killed early on. He made a stab at stardom with ACTION JACKSON, but, alas, not even the presence of Vanity, Craig T. Nelson or a pre-BASIC INSTINCT Sharon Stone, could help Weathers' career.

Pressed against the wall, Weathers headed with some reluctance into television. He appeared in TOUR OF DUTY and, when his participation in that series ended, he could be seen in several episodes of IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

In more recent years, Weathers played Chubbs Peterson in HAPPY GILMORE. Throughout this later period, Weathers still kept up something of a fan base. He was able to land a few action roles in ASSAULT ON DEVIL'S ISLAND and SHADOW WARRIORS II: HUNT FOR THE DEATH MERCHANT.

Weathers, by all reports, is a nice guy. He has been known to growl shortly after shaking hands with a stranger. However, much like Apollo Creed, once you get to know him, Weathers can be a good friend.

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