About The Bat Segundo Show

What is The Bat Segundo Show?

The Bat Segundo Show is a cultural and literary podcast that involves very thorough long-form interviews with contemporary authors and other assorted artists. Standard questions that have been asked of guests over and over are avoided, whenever possible.

The show is updated (ideally) every week and sometimes every two weeks. There are at least five podcasts unveiled to the listening public every month and, more often than not, considerably more.

How Do I Advertise on the Show?

Contact Edward Champion.

Who is Bat Segundo?

Bat Segundo is a former radio DJ who currently introduces each installment of the show. (For Segundo scholars, a clip of Mr. Segundo in these happier days was featured in Show #50.) It is believed that he is 49 years old, although he often claims to be younger. Mr. Segundo suffered some unspecified indignity sometime in the 1980s, which is vaguely alluded to within the show’s introductions. He spends most of his time living in a Motel 6 room and is very fond of tequila. His peregrinations into the real world are few and far between, in large part because he is known to cause trouble — largely unintentionally. Nevertheless, if you’d care to take your chances with this volatile personality, Mr. Segundo can be contacted through MySpace and Facebook.

Mr. Segundo has expressed some fury towards David Mitchell for fictionalizing him in his novel, Ghostwritten. Fortunately, Mr. Mitchell has remained good-natured about the confusion and Mr. Segundo has obliterated so many brain cells over the years thanks to his heavy drinking that he frequently forgets about this episode in his life.

Who is Jorge?

It is believed that Jorge is Mr. Segundo’s enabler, although private investigators have been unsuccessful in determining Jorge’s precise origins. While only speaking Spanish, Jorge is a key component to getting Mr. Segundo recording his introductions and he is also instrumental in getting the listener excited about the program. Before Mr. Segundo’s introduction, Jorge can be heard introducing the program.

Who is Our Young, Roving Correspondent?

Except as otherwise noted, all interviews are conducted by Our Young, Roving Correspondent, an intrepid and sometimes excitable journalist occasionally answering to the name “Ed.” The Correspondent often asks unusual and highly specific questions of authors. But Bat Segundo maintains a love/hate relationship with the Correspondent, depending upon his mood.

Bat Segundo himself has not yet conducted an interview, but seeing as how it’s hard enough to get him into the studio to record one of his deranged introductions, the probability of this happening is close to nil.

Who Are the Three Cheap Tenors?

From time to time, the Three Cheap Tenors make appearances to provide musical accompaniment for each program. Since these three musical talents all work multiple jobs, it is often difficult to get them altogether. Nevertheless, they do appear infrequently.

Why is Bat Segundo So Rude?

No one can really say. Mr. Segundo is a man who feels passionately about many of the issues of our time and has decided that constant complaining is a better strategy than confronting his issues head on.

Since Mr. Segundo has eschewed twelve-step programs and sundry forms of therapy, his only remedy is any alcohol or floozy that might be in close proximity. The former tends to be more readily available than the latter.

Does This Bat Segundo Have Anything to Do with the “Bat Segundo” in David Mitchell’s Ghostwritten?

Absolutely not. Mr. Segundo is honored that David Mitchell might be a fan. But Mr. Mitchell’s depiction of Mr. Segundo was wholly inaccurate. For one thing, he would never take a call from a conspiracy theorist. And Mr. Segundo has never set foot in New York because he fears that he might be mugged. This, however, may change, in light of recent gentrification.

How Do I Get On the Show?

You can send an email to Edward Champion, who is responsible for booking the guests and overseeing most aspects of the show. Interviews are conducted face-to-face in various parts of New York City (and sometimes other places) — generally in cafes, restaurants, and hotels to ensure a relaxed and casual conversational atmosphere. An author’s latest book (and often several other books) is read in full and studied before every interview. Because of this interviewing style, it is vital that Our Young, Roving Correspondent be given enough time to read the book and properly research each guest.

You can also send books, materials, fan mail, and assorted materials to:

Edward Champion
The Bat Segundo Show
315 Flatbush Ave., #231
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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