Month: October 2005

Laila Lalami (BSS #11)

[PRODUCER’S NOTE: Jorge was unavailable this week. So we were forced to enlist a man who claimed to have performed voiceover work for the 1970s incarnation of Battlestar Galactica to precede Mr. Segundo. Efforts are being made to coax Jorge back to the program, but it’s a little complicated. Mr. Segundo explains the problem in Read More


T.C. Boyle (BSS #10)

Author: T.C. Boyle Condition of Mr. Segundo: Terse, conserving energies for a drink. Subjects Discussed: Boyle as one of the original bloggaz, how Boyle arranges his short stories for his collections, John Cheever, how Boyle got into the New Yorker, the current state of the short story market, the future of literature, country music, historical Read More


Laura Joplin (BSS #9)

Author: Laura Joplin Condition of Mr. Segundo: Fresh from an unexpected vacation, feeling unloved. Subjects Discussed: Remembering Janis Joplin years later, unexpected letters from Janis, Laura Joplin’s bio vs. Myra Friedman’s bio, growing up in the Joplin household, Janis’ literary interests, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Dick Cavett, clarifying the heroin overdose, the qualifications of Read More