Month: January 2012

Susan Cain (BSS #430)

Susan Cain is most recently the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts. SPECIAL BOOK GIVEAWAY: Are we all prone to the malady of the introvert who turns away and gazes only upon the emptiness within? Perhaps this conversation about introverts will clear up this Bertrand Russell idea. And perhaps you, dear listener, can weigh Read More


Elliot Perlman (BSS #429)

Elliot Perlman is most recently the author of The Street Sweeper. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Collecting the dregs of his spatulate ambitions. Author: Elliot Perlman Subjects Discussed: Perlman living across the street from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, whether an author has to reside in a place to write about it, why some Australians consider the Read More


Thomas Frank (BSS #428)

Thomas Frank is most recently the author of Pity the Billionaire. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering why Grover Norquist keeps leaving voicemails about tax pledges. Author: Thomas Frank Subjects Discussed: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s notion of “compromise,” the Republican failure to acknowledge Reagan’s complete history, Reagan’s Continental Illinois bailout, efforts to “erase” liberalism from Read More