book design

Chip Kidd (BSS #185)

Chip Kidd is a book designer and most recently the author of The Learners. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Contending with form vs. function. Author: Chip Kidd Subjects Discussed: The origins of the nickname Happy, Death of a Salesman, laundry list homages to White Noise, Daredevil, Himillsy Dodd’s ability to see into the future, lexical blending, […]


Garth Risk Hallberg (BSS #159)

Garth Risk Hallberg is the author of A Field Guide to the North American Family. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Considering alternatives to artsy-fartsy books. Author: Garth Risk Hallberg Subjects Discussed: Authoring a conceptual book with veto power over the designer, family detachment, cross-references, Bay Area literary magazines, the McSweeney’s influence, Em Magazine, book art practitioners, […]