chick lit

Allison Amend (BSS #256)

Allison Amend is the author of Things That Pass for Love. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Pondering the troubling things that pass for love. Author: Allison Amend Subjects Discussed: Dealings with the Atlantic Monthly, what constitutes a proper golf story, miniature golf, how Jewishness and faith relates to sustaining a narrative, speaking multiple languages, Pig Latin, […]


Jennifer Weiner II (BSS #198)

Jennifer Weiner is most recently the author of Certain Girls. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Avoiding literary desegregation. Author: Jennifer Weiner Subjects Discussed: The similarities between Good in Bed and Certain Girls, how to quantify the past, text as a responsive medium, an embedded critique of chick lit, being embarrassed by your mother, making Cannie more […]