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Eduardo Porter (BSS #381)

Eduardo Porter is most recently the author of The Price of Everything. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Shopping for a new religion. Author: Eduardo Porter Subjects Discussed: Faith and the Pascalian wager, whether or not Americans perceive faith in fair prices, the idea of a price embodying the making of a thing, Marx and labor, how Read More


Ellen Ruppel Shell (BSS #297)

Ellen Ruppel Shell is most recently the author of Cheap. On the main text-based site, the book was also featured in an in-depth five-part discussion with several thoughtful people, which you can investigate here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Bargain hunting for alcohol. Author: Ellen Read More


New York ComicCon 2008 (BSS #204)

New York ComicCon is a rather insane event featuring all manner of comic artists and other assorted individuals. Many thanks to Eric Rosenfield for interview assistance and his laconic pal Phil for moral support and a shoulder to cry on. 1. Mike Pellerito — In this somewhat naughty conversation, Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Managing Editor Read More