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Michelle Goldberg (BSS #286)

Michelle Goldberg is most recently the author of The Means of Reproduction. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering if there’s any fate in what we make. Author: Michelle Goldberg Subjects Discussed: Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb, the proper response to reproductive rights issues, the damage of hyperbolic predictions, European birth rates, parental leave and working mothers, Read More


Faye Flam (BSS #223)

Faye Flam is most recently the author of The Score. Condition of the Show: Attempting to contend with gender generalizations. Author: Faye Flam Subjects Discussed: Boot Seduction Camp as the prism with which to approach evolutionary science, the Mystery Method, crude philosophical rules vs. scientific rules, the SRY gene, masculinity’s backup gene, genetics and the Read More