jeffrey ford

Jeffrey Ford II (BSS #191)

Jeffrey Ford is most recently the author of The Shadow Year. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering why he isn’t invited to the Bowery Bar. Author: Jeffrey Ford Subjects Discussed: Writing a book representing a congeries of genre, the visceral advantages of not relying upon research, The Shadow Year‘s unnamed year and unnamed narrator, Botch Town […]


Jeffrey Ford & Gwenda Bond (BSS #36)

Authors: Gwenda Bond and Jeffrey Ford (LBC nominee, Spring 2006) Condition of Mr. Segundo: Absent, abstaining from Bolshevik operations. Subjects Discussed: On writing a book with “everything but the kitchen sink,” baroque vs. simple language, the influence of Hammett, Glen David Gold’s Carter Beats the Devil, Rex Stout, creative serendipity, eugenics, on “playing it safe” […]