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The Mark Twain Special (BSS #552)

This special program devoted to Mark Twain features editor Benjamin Griffin (The Autobiography of Mark Twain), Ben Tarnoff (The Bohemians), and Adam Nee and Kyle Gallner (Band of Robbers). Read More


Ben Tarnoff (BSS #541)

More than a century after his death, Mark Twain is often portrayed as a jolly and avuncular figure. Yet the truth is that Twain was a savage wit and an incendiary figure, and it took this free-spirited iconoclasm to push expression forward. We talk with Ben Tarnoff, author of THE BOHEMIANS, to discuss how California writers (including Twain, Bret Harte, Charles Warren Stoddard, and Ina Coolbrith) defied the East and reinvented American literature during the 1860s. Read More