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Notes from a Brooklyn Bunker #26: The Right Kind of Happiness

Our Correspondent discusses why inclusive happiness that doesn’t flinch from the reality of the world is the best way to survive a pandemic, while also offering asides on the lessons that can be learned from Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky and con artist grifters like Nicholson Baker, whose recent volume, Baseless, is a load of conspiracy theory Read More


Nicholson Baker II (BSS #520)

Nicholson Baker returns to our program for a rip-roaring 78 minute conversation. We discuss TRAVELING SPRINKLER, the many parallels between Baker and Paul Chowder. There is quite a bit of music and audio talk, vivacious arguments for and against Robin Thicke, a lively dialectic on whether or not Algebra 2 should be an educational requirement, and a vital discussion on alternative names for sexual organs. Read More


Nicholson Baker (BSS #200)

Nicholson Baker is most recently the author of Human Smoke. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Deceased. Author: Nicholson Baker Subjects Discussed: Baker’s antipathy for placing the date at the top of an entry, the blogginess of A Box of Matches and Human Smoke, the discrepancy between what Baker remembered and what Updike wrote in U & Read More