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Paul Harding II (BSS #521)

Over the course of a few centuries, prayers for the dead have transformed into less uptight celebrations. But what candor did we lose in the transformation? In the first of two shows devoted to Halloween, we discuss this American relationship to grief and impermanence with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Harding. The talk revolves around Harding’s second novel, ENON, and gets into candlepin bowling, the oneiric morass inside the skull, our national history of religiosity, and John Cheever. Read More


Paul Harding (BSS #364)

Paul Harding is most recently the author of Tinkers. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Tinging with Mingus and tinkering with Tinkers. Author: Paul Harding Subjects Discussed: [List forthcoming] EXCERPT FROM SHOW: Correspondent: We were talking before all this about the idea of novels and whether or not they can actually serve as a handbook for life. Read More