Jay Ryan (BSS #19)


Author: Jay Ryan

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Not savvy with current music but remarkably focused.

Subjects Discussed: How Jay Ryan transforms a concept to music poster, whether or not squirrels attack astronauts, Shellac, Werner Herzog, hand-drawn typography, grumpiness, what happens when bands get an unexpected poster, printing on a mechanical press, smudge marks, bleeding, Rockwell Kent, apocalypses, getting involved with Michael Chabon, book covers, unintentional obliqueness, Fugazi, subtext and association, observing people through the window, planting a seed, the disadvantages of Photoshop and Illustrator, and working within limitations.


  1. Listener

    Okay, so how do I subscribe to this podcast in iTunes? I’ve tried inputting lots of links on this page but nothing seems to work.

  2. ed

    Listener: Open up iTunes, Click on Podcasts on the left-side bar, then click on the “Podcast Directory” button. Under Categories, select “Arts & Entertainment.” Under Subcategory, select “Books.” Scroll down until you find “The Bat Segundo Show.”

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