1. I’ve actually set myself the task of reading a book a day this year in the hopes of enriching my life as a novelist. Since I was 10 – 32 years ago – I’ve averaged 100-250 books a year, but I opted this year for the book-a-day approach, because I do think it will help me better define what kind of novelist I want to be. So far in 2005, I’ve read 98 books. OK, it’s official: I’m a geek!

  2. Lauren: 98 books! Wow! That’s exceptionally admirable. I average around 90-130 books a year, a good deal of them dense, ambitious and literary. But while I probably couldn’t live without books, the idea of devoting my entire life to literature, without so much as a nice bicycle ride on a partially clouded day or a good meal or a fantastic show or some strange new experience (like learning how to construct a homemade snare drum or something), would probably also stop me in my tracks. It’s all about balance. 🙂

  3. That’s enCOURAGEing! But, you know, me being me, balance will probably never happen. Anyway, I’d asked on someone else’s blog yesterday if the “brownie” is named for the Brown University study that exposed what some of us have long suspected without actually counting the numbers: that the NYTBR skews to the testes. Regardless, you certainly are championing a subject close to my heart. Just yesterday I was saying I’d like to organize a Million Chick March on the NYTBR’s editorial offices.

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