Give Me Harding’s Windbag Speeches Over This Spineless Incoherence Any Day

This is the President. And I think it can be said with absolute certainty that George W. Bush is the worst President in United States history.

Imagine if this sputtering drivel came from your attorney in front of a judge. Or if this inarticulate marsupial was speaking on behalf of your company to shareholders. You’d shitcan the guy without a second thought. You wouldn’t even give him a golden parachute. Hell, you’d convince the Board of Directors to leave this incompetent to rot. No severance. Call security. Don’t even let the blackguard clean out his office. Throw the bum out into the street and let him dumpster dive. Let him struggle. He screwed you over, and he screwed you over bad.

But this is a man who is responding to a question involving the deaths of 650,000 Iraqi lives. Not a mere civil suit or a bad business deal. And he doesn’t even have the temerity to stare right back into the eyes of the reporters and tell them that, yes, Iraqi lives were lost and that he knows what he’s doing. Hell, even Lyndon Johnson had balls when he was saying utterly despicable things about Vietnam. This is the man who so many voters voted for because they would prefer to have a beer with him? I wouldn’t trust this guy to pick up the tab.

It’s bad enough that this tyrant is responsible for mass deaths and who knows how many grieving families, all in the name of a connection with WMDs that has never been proven, but that he so systematically destroys lives and, with that, any lingering impressions that the United States of America means well is inexcusable. Unpardonable. No different from a Pinochet or a Stalin.

He will never listen. He will never find a halfway point, even if it means bombing any country with a tenuous connection to al Qaeda into the Stone Age. He is an outright menace that every decent citizen must vote against by voting Democrat (if there is a Senate race) in a few weeks’ time. Someone must stop him, even if it’s a gang of pussyfooting Democrats whose political relevance is deeply in question. Particularly as they stare doe-eyed into the headlights and risk becoming as soulless and vacuous as our Dear Leader, who just so happened to kill a few hundred thousand Iraqis.

The reporters sitting in that lovely garden ought to be ashamed of themselves for not giving this murderous rodent the third degree. What, me worry?


  1. As long as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are around, Bush won’t even be the worst living president, let alone the worst ever. Carter did active damage, Clinton hurt us by doing nothing, and we are paying the price for having both of them in office today.

  2. Well done! I love the “murderous rodent” pharse.

    Somewhere in the stack of papers on my desk is a long report from professional historians who all agree: this IS the worst president in our history.

  3. Oh for God’s sake. Some cretin calling himself “Matt” blames all of the last six years worth of fuckups, including Bush and his worthless advisors demoting the so-called ‘terrorism czar’ position from the cabinet, and then ignoring warnings of imminent terrorst strikes before 9/11, on Clinton, whose team thwarted domestic attacks in 1999/2000, whose administration at least took terrorism seriously and tried to nail bin Laden, and on Carter who was last President, let’s see, TWENTY-SIX YEARS AGO.

    That’s just like your President, Matt – cowardly and weak.

    Oh, Matt? Clinton? Carter? Try putting Bush in the category of James Buchannan. In fact, try putting him lower. No President in my lifetime has done the damage to this country Bush has. Not Clinton for sure. Not Carter. Not even close.

    “Or if this inarticulate marsupial was speaking on behalf of your company to shareholders. You’d shitcan the guy without a second thought.”

    Nice job Ed – in addition to everyting else, you’ve summed up Bush’s resume in two sentences.

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