1. I don’t know. That video seems inconclusive. His hand seems like it is reaching toward her left breast or at least very close, but then the podium obstructs the view.

    Nor does she doesn’t seem to react in any visibile way as if her breast had been grabbed, which seems odd.

  2. What are you talking about? She clearly reacts. She gasps when he does it and then her voice quavers when she speaks afterwards.

  3. His hand is clearly on her breast for a good two seconds. She bends down to try to conceal it, and when she speaks, it’s with a certain amount of shock. There’s no doubt that Ellison’s contention that it was a “slight touch” is a flat-out lie.

  4. Blah, please. The audience reaction of laugher and his “aw shucks, ain’t I a stinker?!” pose immediately after the grope shows that he knew exactly what he was doing – which was to put Connie Willis in a place inferior to his own. He can deny his intent until he’s blue, but there’s no denying that he enjoyed the audience’s laughter (both at his sliming of the mic and then the groping), as well as Connie Willis’s flustered response.

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