Someone Tell Stallone It’s Not 1985 Anymore

Bad enough that we’re seeing the return of Rocky Balboa. But Rambo IV? I remain curious: who exactly is Stallone’s core audience these days? Perhaps Hollywood should pay attention to the numbers:

Get Carter (2000). Budget: $40M, Domestic Gross: $14.9M.
Driven (2001). Budget: $72M, Domestic Gross: $32.6M.
D-Tox (2002). Budget: $55M, Opening Weekend: $32,300.
Shade (2003). Budget: $6.8M, Domestic Gross: $25,032.

And those are four of the last five films featuring Stallone in the star role. (The IMDB has scant BO biz on Avenging Angelo.) In other words, it is quite clear that Stallone isn’t a profitable star anymore. Or does Hollywood work on the assumption that Stallone co-hosting The Contender translates into instant revenue down the line? Or do they really believe that audiences will flock to Rocky Balboa at 1990 levels? Of course, since Stallone has kept the budget for Rocky Balboa at $24 million, perhaps this is the secret ingredient to his cinematic return. Unless he’s still huge in Europe.


  1. Actually, Stallone has said in interviews that he has had severe problems getting major roles in films for the past six years. This probably explains why he’s going back to the old reliables — Rocky and Rambo.

    This is too bad, because Stallone actually does have some talent (the first few Rockys, the first Rambo, Copland, etc.). But he has made so much crap, that I think people have had enough of him. His career isn’t that different from Chevy Chase or Burt Reynolds.

  2. Stallone is HUGE overseas!
    He has his legions of fans here in the U.S., too.
    He’s always had a penchant for returning to his successors – Rocky & Rambo. He’s like THE KING of sequels, ya know? But it works for him & for his fans.
    CopLand, Cliffhanger, I even loved Oscar. He’s great at comedy but people are used to seeing him as the adventurous, danger-filled good guy. He’s action-packed in EVERYthing & that’s what he’s known for.

    I remain a die-hard female Sly fan – ALWAYS!

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