1. Um, it takes more that one game and one player to accomplish what the Amazins have just accomplished. Can’t blame Mr. Glavine for the choking away of 7 games in a little over two weeks, with a bunch of those being against pretty bad teams. Sorry, while Glavine is certainly part of the reason, it should also go to guys named Reyes, Wright, Delgado, Beltran, and a big credit to that unflappable manager, the next Joe Torre, who never seemed to think his team was in trouble until, well, the ninth inning today.

    Hopefully this will carry over into next season and the National League East title will return to its rightful owner, the Atlanta Braves. For now, this Braves fan will cherish the moment, and begin rooting against the Phillies, Yankees, and Red Sox, and for the Padres and Indians.

  2. This is a way to get younger. At least Castro and Milledge performed well enough — and on a large enough stage — that Willie (or whoever manages next year) will be forced to play them everyday.

    I’ve got to say, though, I feel sorry for Glavine. That’s not the way he should end his career.

  3. El Finale del Béisbol; or, Thanks for the Tears, Tom Glavine, I Needed a Good—Wait, What?…

    Real Men—the manly ones—never revealed the number 5 stenciled on their back as they cradled their head in their hands this afternoon. Real Men—the manly ones—never cradled their head in their hands this afternoon so no one would see them…

  4. “Us”? Aren’t you a Giants fan? How did a few months in Brooklyn make you care about the Mets?

  5. Just like it’s impossible to be both a fan of both the Cubs and the White Sox. Which still does not prevent the hilarious sight of Mayor Daley, a Sout’ Sider troo and troo, wearing a Cub hat this week. His family’s devotion to the Sox runs so deep that his father, the original and legendary Mayor Daley, celebrated the Sox clinching of the A.L. pennant in 1959 – right in the middle of the Cold War, mind you – by having the city’s air-raid sirens set off in the middle of the night. Scaring the bejeebers out of millions of your constituents – now, THAT’S a real fan.

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