Month: November 2005

Jennifer Weiner (BSS #14)

Author: Jennifer Weiner Condition of Mr. Segundo: Concerned with time and elusive apocalypses. Subjects Discussed: Mysteries, Susan Isaacs, Zoe Heller, the specific details of murder, inexplicable shame and guilt among the Marina crowd, diapers vs. cloth, whether Matt Lauer should be peed on, the inversion of tough-guy dialogue, first-person voice, observational novels, chicklit, dismissive husbands, Read More


Lizzie Skurnick & Wendy Lesser (BSS #13)

Authors: Lizzie Skurnick and Wendy Lesser Condition of Mr. Segundo: Slightly hoarse but nostalgic for trains. Subjects Discussed: The mania of poets, poetic meters, the prejudice against Spenserian stanza, the difficulties of getting a poetry collection published, writing while driving, husband poems, masturbation, clandestine encounters, educating a native Californian about Tyringham, Mass., Horace, the use Read More


Lydia Millet (BSS #12)

Author: Lydia Millet Condition of Mr. Segundo: Repentant, perpelxed and adjusting to a sudden change. Subjects Discussed: Beer at 11:30 AM, Richard Rhodes, Wold Newton, American Prometheus, getting biographical details wrong, the influence of fiction vs. nonfiction, the displacement of major historical figures, narrative juggling acts, freakishness in literature, Lynda Barry, obstacles in being a Read More