Month: January 2006

Jay Ryan (BSS #19)

Author: Jay Ryan Condition of Mr. Segundo: Not savvy with current music but remarkably focused. Subjects Discussed: How Jay Ryan transforms a concept to music poster, whether or not squirrels attack astronauts, Shellac, Werner Herzog, hand-drawn typography, grumpiness, what happens when bands get an unexpected poster, printing on a mechanical press, smudge marks, bleeding, Rockwell Read More


Feed Update & LBC Tie-In

Okay, folks, bear with us. Lots of changes and developments. First off, we apologize for the temporary generic template. We’ve shifted over to WordPress and we’ve been trying to get the RSS stuff tweaked. By the end of the week, we’ll get things squared away. We’re also working on getting everything more compatible for you Read More

Chris Elliott (BSS #18)

Author: Chris Elliott Condition of Mr. Segundo: Immersed in the past with a baseball bat cut from a tree. Subjects Discussed: Lack of sleep from both parties, the lure of money, the Chris Elliott persona vs. the real Chris Elliott, Jack the Ripper, parodies, Alan Moore’s From Hell, research, trying to read while acting, on Read More


LBC/Segundo Tie-In

We’re pleased to announce that our Young, Roving Correspondent will be talking with the five nominees for this quarter’s round of LBC goodness. The podcasts will first be released in five installments at the LBC site and will then be edited into two or three Segundo shows here. More information about what the LBC is Read More

Mark Ames (BSS #17)

Author: Mark Ames Condition of Mr. Segundo: Relaxed and possibly malingering. Subjects Discussed: Falling asleep during interviews, online terror threats,, language as a source of enslavement, using linguistics to prove a thesis, the similarities between slavery and MBA management theory, the advantages of being both an expatriate and anthropologist, Hunter S. Thompson, conformity, rage Read More