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Bat Segundo Release Day Switches to Tuesday

You may have noticed that we’ve been performing a few experiments in 2011. During a few weeks, we released an extra episode shortly before Friday to determine what kind of a draw it’s going to get. Much to our surprise, we’ve discovered that people tend to prefer listening to a new Bat Segundo installment earlier Read More

Slight Segundo Slowdown

Due to my inability to secure a reliable broadband connection after a recent move (a lengthy Kafakesque tale presently without end) and an apparent spate of mental fatigue that friends and loved ones have had the kindness to help me identify, I’m going to be slowing down Bat Segundo production in the next month or Read More

Technical Issues

Due to a Seagate drive biting the dust, which took out the raw data for four years (as well as unmastered audio for three interviews we were sitting on), there won’t be a new show this week. Efforts are presently being made to recover the data, which stands some chance of being salvaged. But we Read More

Bat Segundo Calls It a Snow Day

Due to an unexpected delay in getting some equipment repaired, there won’t be a new installment of The Bat Segundo Show this week. But Bat Segundo plans to atone for this deficit by offering a special pair of sister podcasts, the first in the program’s history. The two podcasts will feature two authors, each participating Read More

Weekly Segundo Begins on January 15, 2010

We had originally intended to offer a clips show. But unanticipated professional commitments, combined with the sense that these interviews work better in their complete format rather than soundbytes, have forced us to scrap the episode for the time being. But The Bat Segundo Show will initiate a less erratic schedule beginning next week, where Read More

Bat Segundo DVDs Now on Sale!

We’ve received a few requests from listeners asking us how they can get DVD-ROMs of the show. And since Christmas shopping has started, and some of you out there may be on the lookout for a literary stocking stuffer, we’ve decided to begin offering DVD-ROMs of the first 250 shows of The Bat Segundo Show Read More

Segundo Torrents

The first 200 shows of The Bat Segundo Show are now available in torrent form. There were initially six torrent packs that were released last year. But a hard drive crash wiped those files. I have repacked the first six packs, and added four more. You can download these files using any torrent client. If Read More

The Bat Segundo Show Now on Litstation

For those of you who hoping that the Bat might put you to sleep, you’re in luck. The new season of Litstation has started, and The Bat Segundo Show can now be listened to every night at midnight EST (9PM PST). To tune in, go to the Litstation page, and click on the “Listen on Read More

Recent Segundo Shoutouts

We’ve received some very kind shoutouts lately from The Los Angeles Times‘s Carolyn Kellogg, The Sound of Young America‘s Colin Marshall, and The Fiction Circus’s Miracle Jones. Thanks, folks, for the writeups. They’ve even made Mr. Segundo blush! Read More

The Save Segundo Campaign

First off, I want to thank all of the people who have written with their concerns and kind words about The Bat Segundo Show. I have received messages from listeners all over the world — including France, Sweden, Japan, and Norway. I was also extremely honored by Colin Marshall’s kind writeup at The Sound of Read More

¡Más Segundo!

Over the past two weeks, plans have been drafted and considerable efforts have been made to keep the show going at least through the end of the year. The details of these plans will be revealed here on Friday. The Save Segundo team believes that we can do it and we will have more information Read More

The Bat Segundo Show, 2004-2008

The Bat Segundo Show is going on indefinite hiatus. Which pretty much means that it’s over, unless some magical sponsor or benefactor can appear at the eleventh hour to save the show. But I doubt it. I tried to keep the show running as long as I could, supporting it with my own money. A Read More

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