Month: February 2006

Rupert Thomson, Edward Falco, Megan Sullivan & Scott Esposito (BSS #22)

Authors: Megan Sullivan, Rupert Thomson, Scott Esposito and Edward Falco. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Looking for answers in British science fiction. Subjects Discussed: How the idea came about, relentlessly cheery Swedish girlfriends, how Rupert Thomson processes his prodigious research, Ian McEwan, inspiration vs. craft, the trappings of being a “speculative fiction writer,” entertaining novels vs. Read More


Ander Monson, Elizabeth Crane, Sam Jones & C. Max Magee (BSS #21)

Authors: Sam Jones, Ander Monson, C. Max Magee and Elizabeth Crane. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Snubbed and self-righteous. Subjects Discussed: Visceral voice vs. conceptual voice, the book’s origins, the Monson universe of stories, snow, self-help books, postmodernism, the war on ambitious fiction, John Barth, the original expansive form of Other Electricities, Twin Peaks, book design, Read More


Dave Barry (BSS #20)

Author: Dave Barry Condition of Mr. Segundo: Reduced to second-string narrator. Subjects Discussed: Suze Orman, footnotes, Donald Trump, lawsuits, phone calls from Paul Anka, daily affirmations, indices, sex with ducks, buzz cuts (1960 vs. 2005), the boomerang generation, getting reviewed in the NYTBR, Dave Barry deconstructs our Young, Roving Correspondent’s baroque speaking style, snobbery, humor, Read More