Month: June 2008

Andre Dubus III (BSS #218)

Andre Dubus III is most recently the author of The Garden of Last Days. Condition of the Show: Plagued by decaying verdure and intrusive catering managers. Author: Andre Dubus III Subjects Discussed: The propinquity of Roman numerals after surnames, Richard Flanagan’s The Unknown Terrorist, Heinrich Böll, books being categorized as post-9/11 novels, on letting a Read More


Rachel Shukert (BSS #217)

Rachel Shukert is the author of Have You No Shame? Condition of the Show: Contending with tenuous widows and the mysterious circumstances of Mr. Segundo’s death. Author: Rachel Shukert Subjects Discussed: Whether Ms. Shukert is still on the Viacom blacklist, the soul-crushing aspects of temping, working odd jobs in Amsterdam, Anne Frank as a constant Read More