An Elemental Race Between a Nice Guy and a Duck (Interstitial Mix #2)

This is the second of an unspecified series of interstitial mixes that I’m serving up as I remain busy at work on numerous fronts. Sometime during the musical selection and editing process, I became aware of two strange figures competing in a race for affection and understanding: a nice guy who spoke from the deepest sincerity of his heart and a very loud duck. Perhaps this represents some spillover from a fictitious psychological dilemma I have been spending the past few months investigating. But I leave the interpretation up to you in this odd collection of quality, strange, and cheesy cuts. Enjoy!

Kanye West and the Beatles, “Homegirl”
Le Tigre, “Hot Topic”
Hej Matematik, “Walkmand”
Latour, “People Are Still Having Sex” (Rare Ultimix Remix)
Max Raabe & Palast Orchester, “Kiss”
Aaron Lockman, “Rubber Ducky”
Coleman Hawkins, “O Pato (The Duck)”
Jimmy Smith, “Elegy for a Duck”
Ethel Smith, “A Taste of Honey”
The Suppliers, “Wild Honey Pie”
Roppenzo – Flo Rida vs. The Beach Boys, “Wild John B”
Of Montreal, “Penelope”
Nicholson Baker, “Jeju Island Song”
Eggstone, “Water”
Michael Nyman, “Bird List”
Yom, Wang Li, “Vegetal Love”
Luc Barhlemi,”Mushroom (Remix: Ennio Morricone, “For a Few Dollars More”)”
“GTA, Digital Lab, Henrix – Hit It! (Smoothies Trap Remix)”
“Sporty – o – Let Me Hit It (Audiostalkers Remix)”
“Cro vs. Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Easy”
B-Mike, “The Nice Guy”
SDP ~ Nice Guy (Guitar Dub by Hiroshi Fujiwara)
Cusato, “Captain of Her Heart” (Groove Mix)

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