Michelle Richmond (BSS #127)

Michelle Richmond is most recently the author of The Year of Fog.

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Stumbling upon 21st century technologies.

Author: Michelle Richmond

Subjects Discussed: The relationship of research to plotting, author character qualities and protagonist character qualities, Alabama, San Francisco landmarks, the Richmond District, emasculated men who live in restored Victorians, using simple character names, writing in multiple short chapters, contrapuntal searching, disappearances, beaches and sand dollars, waves and warning signs at Ocean Beach, surfing, photography, on how location influences emotional experience of character, days and calendaring, forensic artists, and the Year of Fog audio book.


Richmond: I’ve written a lot about Alabama. I haven’t lived there in — I don’t know, eighteen years. But I can’t seem to entirely get it out of my system. So this is my first book that was really separate from my upbringing, but yet there’s a tiny bit of that Gulf Coast stuff sprinkled in there. Since that’s where she’s from.

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