Nina Hartley (BSS #89)

Nina Hartley is most recently the author of Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex.

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Harried and henpecked.

Author: Nina Hartley

Subjects Discussed: The meaning of “total sex,” vanilla vs. “alternative” sex, basics vs. options, self-acceptance, foreplay, the relationship between sexual realities and porn film fantasies, the “three position” proclivity, swinging, sexual alienation, responding to Naomi Wolf’s 2003 article, Hooters, extreme porn, porn as education, Jocelyn Elders, Caitlin Flanagan, “death and babies ay-yi-yi!,” spontaneous sex vs. technical know-how, intrapersonal relationships, acceptance, insecurity, and polyamory.


Hartley: I call it “total sex” because it encompasses the mainstay of most sexual practices. It touches on most things pretty well and it leaves plenty of room for exploration of the more esoteric things. I’m a very wide-ranging sexual creature, but I do know that most people are — many people are a little less broad-ranging than I. And so I do try to make it able to speak to the so-called regular person, who is not identified as a quote unquote kinky or freaky or pervert individual, but the regular person who would like to be more comfortable with sex and to get more pleasure out of it in his or her life.


  1. EVAN

    Wow, you have a website. I am an individual male and very shy. I would love to broaden my sex life but to what medium can I use the best that reaches the women of my life that actually are quite sexually active.

    Nina, you have a broad sense of sexuallity that I wish I had found in other women. Sex should be casual and exploring and adventurous. I always noticed that America promotes Sex as a a tease and let down as dicipated on TV . But I heard Europe has a different concept of sex only because TV veiws sex as ” Casual, exploring and adventurous.” In fact porn is a norm.

    The sexual explotation is always the interest in the subject of being satistfied as an adult who wishes to fulfill their sexuality as long as sex exists.

    AHHH, and may you CUM/


  2. Tony Heskett

    Wow… she’s really smart, she talks marvellously and she’s funny with it. Now *that’s* hot 🙂
    Many wise words, and she name-checks some other smart gals too: e.g., if you liked this, maybe get yourself some Betty Dodson 🙂

    Bat, thanks lots for having her on the show. One request: shorter questions (and perhaps more of ’em)… Please ?

    Good work, guys.

  3. Bob


    I had the privledge of meeting Miss Hartley at a Gentleman’s Club (in 2000) where she appeared as a featured attraction. I took a couple of photos with her, I asked her about performing with the Hedgehog, Ron Jeremy, and Peter North. She spoke highly of them. It was a joyful experience meeting her. A classy and ingtelligent woman who understands her sexuality. It was an awesome experience! She’s at the top five of my list of all time great adult women actresses. I would love for her to rock my world for one day. –Bob. Los Angeles

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