Dave Itzkoff and Translated Literature: Mad as Hell (BSS #536)

This one hour program looks into two “mad as hell” scenarios. We talk with journalist Dave Itzkoff about MAD AS HELL, the making of NETWORK, Paddy Chayefsky’s colorful personality, and why something that seemed so absurd forty years ago became so real. We also investigate a controversy at Open Letter Books which may reveal an emerging ecosystem of smaller publishers being abused by agents on the make. That segment features Open Letter’s publisher Chad Post, Scott Esposito, and Michael Orthofer.


Victoria Wilson (BSS #531)

Barbara Stanwyck was one of the most legendary Hollywood stars that the 20th century has ever known. Veteran editor Victoria Wilson, author of a very large biography on Stanwyck, reveals Stanwyck’s remarkable work ethic, her toughness, her shyness, how Zeppo Marx encouraged her to go into comedy, the moralistic assault on unmarried couples living together, and nude appearances at surprise birthday parties.


Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell (BSS #518)

THE ROOM is widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made. Yet ten years after its release, it is a cultural phenomenon and has even inspired a video game. We talk with Greg Sestero (Mark from THE ROOM) and Tom Bisssell, co-authors of THE DISASTER ARTIST, and probe into director Tommy Wiseau’s mysterious past. discussing the film’s unanticipated debt to Patricia Highsmith and the terror of shooting extremely long and extremely troubling sex scenes.


Michael Apted (The Bat Segundo Special)

This 30 minute radio special serves as a transitional episode between The Bat Segundo Show, which aired its final episode last November, and Follow Your Ears, a new thematic radio program that will be premiering this month. It features an interview with Michael Apted, director of the Up movies. His latest installment, 56 Up, is Read More


Peter Davison (BSS #493)

Peter Davison played the fifth incarnation of Doctor Who! But he also delivers numerous charming performances in A Very Peculiar Practice, All Creatures Great and Small, At Home with the Braithwaites and The Last Detective. (Many thanks to Roger Bilheimer for his great help in making this improbable conversation happen and to Yashoda Sampath for Read More


Ross McElwee (BSS #491)

Ross McElwee is most recently the director of Photographic Memory. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Stepping away from the memories. Guest: Ross McElwee Subjects Discussed: Walker Percy’s “certification,” Heidegger’s Allt√§glichkeit, whether social media and YouTube can capture the essential quality of “everydayness,” patterns and layers of meaning discovered through the act of filming one’s life for Read More


Liv Ullmann (BSS #489)

Liv Ullmann is the subject of Liv and Ingmar, which is now playing the New York Film Festival. She has also appeared in many legendary movies. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering whether his persona is predicated upon cries and whispers. Guest: Liv Ullmann Subjects Discussed: Maintaining patience while living with an eccentric genius, living in Read More


Andrea Arnold (BSS #488)

Andrea Arnold is the co-writer and director of Wuthering Heights, which opens on October 5 in select theaters. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering if his creator is Heathcliff. Guest: Andrea Arnold Subjects Discussed: Characters defined by how they observe things, working with moths, Yorkshire insect wranglers, how to get animals to behave on camera, improvisational Read More


Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud (BSS #477)

Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud are most recently the writers and directors of Chicken with Plums. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering if his creative skills can be adapted. Guests: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud Subjects Discussed: Adapting graphic novels to film, Natural Born Killers, sitcoms, Hollywood’s insistence on remakes, splitting duties as co-directors, the importance Read More


Julie Delpy (BSS #475)

Julie Delpy is most recently the writer, director, and star of 2 Days in New York. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Searching for a castle that doesn’t require too much physical exertion. Guest: Julie Delpy Subjects Discussed: Patriarchs who key cars, countesses who murder women for their virgin blood, aberrant and eccentric behavior in Delpy’s films, Read More


Sarah Polley (BSS #464)

Sarah Polley is most recently the writer and director of Take This Waltz. The film opens in select theaters on June 29, 2012. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering if the chicken cookbook or the adulterous egg came first. Guest: Sarah Polley Subjects Discussed: Similarities between Away from Her and Take This Waltz, the need for Read More


Adam Wilson (BSS #439)

Adam Wilson is most recently the author of Flatscreen. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Seeking his remote control and his dignity within an armed blanket. Author: Adam Wilson Subjects Discussed: Wilson’s dislike of flying, Will Self’s rules for writers, Flatscreen‘s televisual influence, working at Flavorpill, innovating literature through the Slanket, attempts to win television watchers to Read More

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