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Sarah Polley (BSS #464)

Sarah Polley is most recently the writer and director of Take This Waltz. The film opens in select theaters on June 29, 2012. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering if the chicken cookbook or the adulterous egg came first. Guest: Sarah Polley Subjects Discussed: Similarities between Away from Her and Take This Waltz, the need for Read More


Hal Niedzviecki II (BSS #294)

Hal Niedzviecki is most recently the author of The Peep Diaries. He previously appeared on The Bat Segundo Show #47. [PROGRAM NOTE: At the 24:03 mark, a woman with a laptop demanded that Our Correspondent talk with less vivacity, suggesting that Our Correspondent was talking in a “disturbing” manner. Never mind that people sitting closer Read More


Guy Maddin (BSS #293)

Guy Maddin is most recently the author of My Winnipeg, a book version of the film of the same name. For listeners who are fans of reading and watching films, this conversation accounts for all experiences and contains more than a few prevarications. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Reconsidering the veracity of his topography. Guest: Guy Read More