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Azar Nafisi (BSS #260)

Azar Nafisi is most recently the author of Things I’ve Been Silent About, as well as Reading Lolita in Tehran. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Reliving transcendent memories. Author: Azar Nafisi Subjects Discussed: Authenticity, W.G. Sebald, photographs and text, Iranian birth certificates, being true to the story when writing a memoir, accuracy and memoirs, the extraordinary […]


Cynthia Ozick (BSS #210)

Cynthia Ozick is most recently the author of Dictation. Condition of the Show: Overtaken by a tyrannical dictator. Author: Cynthia Ozick Subjects Discussed: Balancing two authors, two secretaries and other stylistic repetitions that evoke typewriters in “Dictation,” purloining language from Henry James and Joseph Conrad’s letters, Henry James’s “forgotten umbrella,” “Literary Entrails,” parallels between the […]