A.L. Kennedy (BSS #174)

A.L. Kennedy is most recently the author of Day. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Never mind the Bat. Hubba hubba. Author: A.L. Kennedy Subjects Discussed: The relationship between the style and the voice, active thought vs. the subconscious, accidental religious cues, whether Kennedy consciously writes difficult books, bizarre Monty Python interpretations, William Hartnell, Doctor Who, the […]


Amy Bloom (BSS #170)

Amy Bloom is most recently the author of Away. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Momentarily replaced by an obnoxious sportscaster filling in. Author: Amy Bloom Subjects Discussed: Opening a novel with a protagonist immersed within the Yiddish Theater, coloring a story with tragedy vs. getting to know a character, the 57 blocks of the Lower East […]