Jennifer Weiner III (BSS #346)

Jennifer Weiner is most recently the author of Fly Away Home. Ms. Weiner previously appeared on The Bat Segundo Show #198 and The Bat Segundo Show #14. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Hoping to be frightened by The Motherland sometime soon. Author: Jennifer Weiner Subjects Discussed: [List forthcoming] EXCERPT FROM SHOW: Correspondent: It seems to me […]


Alec Foege (BSS #246)

Alec Foege is most recently the author of Right of the Dial. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Defying the maker of rules and dealing with fools. Author: Alec Foege Subjects Discussed: WINZ switching to Air America because of Fahrenheit 9/11‘s success, Jesse Jackson and Keep Hope Alive, profitability vs. integrity, Clear Channel’s Republican viewpoint, conservative talk […]


Samantha Hunt (BSS #183)

Samantha Hunt is most recently the author of The Invention of Everything Else. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Pining for chambermaids. Author: Samantha Hunt Subjects Discussed: Managing multiple perspectives, working within the limitations of 1943, helpful historical endnotes, Tesla’s tendency to divide things by three, pleasantly misleading metafictional names, using abandoned New York topography in a […]