Alternative Press Expo 2006, Part 1 (BSS #31)


[NOTE: This is the first of a three-part podcast which tackles Alternative Press Expo. Our Young, Roving Correspondent walked the floor and talked with people for the first two parts. The third part will feature the panel interview with Alex Robinson.]

Authors: Doug Paszkiewicz, Daniel Davis, Shane White, Miriam Libicki, Keith Knight, Steve Notley, Jose Cabrera, Debbie Huey, Matt Mocarski, Joshua Boulet, Evan Keeling, Eric Adams, Albert Cajeros and Ira Sherrick, Mark Anastasio, Kevin Cross, Tanya Roberts, and Chris Staros.

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Attempting to justify his bathroom reading.

Subjects Discussed: Politically incorrect comics, monster haikus, hermits in Phoenix, comics set in rural environments, using color to draw readers into unexamined life issues, joining the Israeli Army, the politics of comics, community-based art, The K Chronicles as daily strip, the rage and unexpected controversy of flowers, machismo, the five blade razor, the dangers of being bald in East L.A., losing one’s marbles in a literal manner, Corporate Ninja, elongated curves, confusion over a theme/sales gimmick “Money Equals Love,” flyers as a recurrent comic, the DC Comics Collective, Lackluster World, Hot Mexican Love, habanero peppers, using a comic as a taco shell, zombies, and the scoop on Alan Moore’s Lost Girls.

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