Periel Aschenbrand (BSS #7)

Approximate Interview Date: An afternoon in San Francisco in late August, 2005

Author: Periel Aschenbrand

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Strangely ambiguous about his identity.

Subjects Discussed: Balance between the personal and the political, evolution of The Only Bush I Trust is My Own and Body as Billboard, getting clearance from friends and family, online dating, on being half-Israeli, half-New York Jew, Gaza and the Palestinians, provocative book covers, accessibility and extremism, responding to the Philadelphia Weekly, public perception, the T-shirt as message, ironic imagery, Sandra Bernhard and “endorsement,” Monique Wittig, shock value, concerned citizens vs. political activists, the waning stigma of the F word, Lenny Bruce, epithets, “date rape,” vintage T-shirts, the validity Motley Crue, the unexpected removal of a T-shirt, cognizant egomania, Mr. Rushdie, conversational vernacular in memoirs.

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