Month: September 2005

Bret Easton Ellis (BSS #8)

Approximate Interview Date: Early September 2005 in a locked hotel conference room. Author: Bret Easton Ellis Condition of Mr. Segundo: Cold and impoverished. Subjects Discussed: The two Brets, finding the voice of Bret the narrator, “ten years on an outline,” metafiction, origins of Lunar Park, Stephen King, the use of brand name description in fiction, Read More


Periel Aschenbrand (BSS #7)

Approximate Interview Date: An afternoon in San Francisco in late August, 2005 Author: Periel Aschenbrand Condition of Mr. Segundo: Strangely ambiguous about his identity. Subjects Discussed: Balance between the personal and the political, evolution of The Only Bush I Trust is My Own and Body as Billboard, getting clearance from friends and family, online dating, Read More