Month: December 2005

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Aimee Bender (BSS #16)

Author: Aimee Bender Condition of Mr. Segundo: Still missing. A conspiracy theorist has been enlisted to account for his disappearance. Subjects Discussed: Attention to precision, Flann O’Brien, strange logic, Monty Python, first-person voice, Steve Erickson and The Black Clock, Jeffrey Eugenides, multiple personality disorder, grading papers, publishing short stories with dirty titles in literary journals, Read More


Octavia Butler (BSS #15)

Author: Octavia Butler Condition of Mr. Segundo: Unknown. We can’t find him this week. Subjects Discussed: Anne Rice, the advantages of writing vampire novels, research, the ambiguities of “persistently repulsive” material, Fledgling as ripping vampire yarn and multilayered quest story, setting vampire rules, naming character names, the influence of the state of Washington upon atmosphere, Read More