Month: March 2006

Dana Spiotta (BSS #28)

NOTE: This podcast includes a free book giveaway of Spiotta’s Eat the Document. Listen to the podcast for details. Author: Dana Spiotta Condition of Bat Segundo: Self-important and sleep-deprived, but surprisingly generous. Subjects Discussed: Katherine Ann Power as inspiration, the ambiguities of terrorism, comparisons and similarities between Eat the Document and Lightning Field, witty political Read More


Ron Hogan (BSS #27)

Author: Ron Hogan Condition of Bat Segundo: Frightened of the 1970s, abdicating his position to a maniac. Subjects Discussed: David Frum’s How We Got Here, Peter Bogdonavich, how filmmakers and actors are responsible for their own legacies, Karen Black, the accidental nature of casting, whether or not the 1970s is the Great American Movie Decade, Read More


Live Segundo Podcast in the Works

If you are in San Francisco in early April, you may have a chance to see Our Young, Roving Corresponent interviewing an author in person. The Bat Segundo Crew is putting together a “live”* Segundo podcast with a Very Special Author. We’re working out the details as we speak. More details to follow. * — Read More

William T. Vollmann (BSS #26)

Author: William T. Vollmann Condition of Bat Segundo: A bit over his head and not particularly uncentered. Subjects Discussed: Copernicus, the relationship between religion and science, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Ptolemy, Intelligent Design and contemporary parallels, Iraq, life lived according to the “cash nexus” versus life in other countries, the Bush Administration as muse, politics in Read More


Segundo Podcasting Rig

In the past few weeks, we’ve received several emails on the equipment we use for the show. Shure Beta 58A (x2): Our main recording mikes for the interviews. (You may have noticed a slight boost in audio quality with the last few shows. These mikes are one of the reasons why.) Shure SM-57s (x3): Backup Read More

Jonathan Ames II (BSS #25)

Author: Jonathan Ames Condition of Bat Segundo: Too easily complaisant to charlatan announcers. Subjects Discussed: The controversial cover of I Love You More Than You Know, self-promotional footnotes, rules for writing, writing originating from unexpected requests, “tossed off” essays, depression and writing, essays which involve the penis, the somber and introspective feel of Ames’ latest Read More


Liz Perle (BSS #24)

Author: Liz Perle Condition of Mr. Segundo: Vengeful and nostalgic for bad investment decisions. Subjects Discussed: The quiet contract, what power means, responding to Ariel Levy’s review, the emotional middle class, lying to partners about money, conspicuous consumption, status, the two tiers of women-centric economics, guilt, women not being allowed to talk about money, describing Read More


Kirstin Allio & Dan Wickett (BSS #23)

Authors: Dan Wickett and Kirstin Allio Condition of Mr. Segundo: Snubbed and pining for Beelzebub. Subjects Discussed: The ideal of the perfect sentence, Faulkner, research, New Hampshire, 1920s vernacular, the controversy of Mrs. Heald, drafting Garner, agents and literary fiction, literary influences, Wallace Stegner, naming names, cemeteries, the difficulties of writing about girlhood, and being Read More