Month: September 2006

Pamela Ribon (BSS #67)

Author: Pamela Ribon Condition of Mr. Segundo: Ruminating upon a misinterpreted act of politeness. Subjects Discussed: The Weird books as a franchise, chick lit, unusual stabbings, Oryx & Crake, Downtown Press, Zane, heady and passionate men, managing narrative threads, remembering a time without blogs, the origin of, selling Why Moms Are Weird, writing fiction Read More


Daniel Handler (BSS #66)

Author: Daniel Handler Condition of Mr. Segundo: Petulant about people who use alter egos. Subjects Discussed: Aub Zam Zam and the legendary bartender Bruno Mooshei, writing in public places, Adverbs as a novel, Nicholas Monsarrat’s Depends What You Mean By Love, how dwelling upon the thematic use of love turned into a 1,000 page first Read More


Julia Glass (BSS #65)

Author: Julia Glass Condition of Mr. Segundo: Concerned with economic developments at the Segundo Studio. Subjects Discussed: Hinging a narrative on a piece of cake, conversations in moving vehicles, the unintended continuation of the Bank Street universe, an urban Yoknapatawpha, family and pregnancies in narrative, whether The Whole World Over is female-centric, Jane Austen, omniscient Read More


Victor Navasky (BSS #64)

Author: Victor Navasky Condition of Mr. Segundo: Mystified by literary columnists. Subjects Discussed: The economics of opinion journal publishing, on running The Nation as an opinion journal that loses money, dividends vs. tax losses, the challenges of a burgeoning subscription base, Calvin Trillin, “no diddling,” responding to Matthew Rothschild’s review, Valerie Plame, The Nation as Read More


Segundo By the Numbers

Current Podcasts Available Online: 63 Current Interviews in the Can: 8 MacArthur Genius Fellows Interviewed: 3 National Book Award Winners Interviewed: 4 Granta “Young British Novelists 2003” Interviewed: 2 Interview Subjects Sadly No Longer Living: 1 Age of Oldest Guest to Appear on Segundo: 74 Age of Youngest Guest to Appear on Segundo: 29 Most Read More

Alison Bechdel (BSS #63)

Author: Alison Bechdel Condition of Mr. Segundo: Revealing his political idiosyncracies. Subjects Discussed: The meaning of “tragicomic,” Nabokov, Charles Addams, on how the funeral home component of Fun Home has been overlooked, on hitting a wall with words, the advantages of “visual writing,” Michael Lesy’s Time Frames: The Meaning of Family Pictures, Fun Home as Read More


Carl Sheeler (BSS #62)

Guest: Carl Sheeler Condition of Mr. Segundo: Ejected due to the apparently “serious” nature of politics. Subjects Discussed: Running an unorthodox senatorial campaign, Howard Dean, the similarities and differences between Whitehouse and Sheeler’s platforms, problems with Sheldon Whitehouse, on Sheeler styling himself as “the next Ned Lamont,” more problems with Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island’s status Read More


Hillary Carlip & Annabelle Gurwitch (BSS #61)

Authors: Hillary Carlip and Annabelle Gurwitch Condition of Mr. Segundo: Recovering from an unfortunate incident involving a Motel 6 valet. Subjects Discussed: Clarifying the provenance of “queen of the oddballs,” Chuck Barris, Rex Reed’s appearance on Dick Cavett, journals and ephemera, Liesl Schillinger’s review, on balancing the serious with the comic, cultural context and memory, Read More