Month: December 2009

Michael Haneke (BSS #316)

Michael Haneke is most recently the director of The White Ribbon, which opens in theaters on December 30th. The Bat Segundo Show expresses profuse gratitude and thanks to translator Robert Gray for assisting in this conversation, which is presented here in German and English. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Tying a white ribbon ’round the old Read More


Ken Auletta (BSS #315)

Ken Auletta is most recently the author of Googled and writes the “Annals of Communication” column for The New Yorker. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Wondering if his Chinese food takeout history can be Googled. Author: Ken Auletta Subjects Discussed: Clarifying Auletta’s theory of Sergey Brin and Larry Page as “cold engineers,” responding to Nicholson Baker’s Read More


Terry Teachout (BSS #314)

Terry Teachout is most recently the author of Pops. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Playing for handy water closets. Author: Terry Teachout Subjects Discussed: Managing professional duties, the exigencies of sifting through 650 reels of Louis Armstrong’s tapes, Armstrong’s encounters with the mob, Armstrong’s relationship with manager Joe Glaser, the aborted Duke Ellington collaborative album, Pierre Read More