Bat Segundo Release Day Switches to Tuesday

You may have noticed that we’ve been performing a few experiments in 2011. During a few weeks, we released an extra episode shortly before Friday to determine what kind of a draw it’s going to get. Much to our surprise, we’ve discovered that people tend to prefer listening to a new Bat Segundo installment earlier in the week rather than later. We’re not sure why this is. We’re thinking it has something to do with the tendency of new books dropping on Tuesday. We’ve also found that film-related conversations are best experienced a few days before Friday release date, so that there is more of an anticipatory quality to these conversations.

Therefore, we have decided to switch The Bat Segundo Show to the very day that people are expecting something new.

As of March 1, 2011, The Bat Segundo Show will be switching its weekly release date from Friday to Tuesday. There won’t be a new episode on February 25, 2011 — in large part because we recently interviewed a very friendly author, who was sick and conscientious and could not shake our hand. A very fun conversation transpired. But our correspondent was felled anyway. (But it was all worth it!)

On Tuesday, March 1, 2011, we’ll be back in the weekly Bat Segundo rotation. Rest assured that we have a very exciting lineup ahead! And because we’ve been slightly more prolific than we expected, look for a few extra conversations that will squeeze their way into the lineup in the next few months. And if you’re missing a fresh Bat Segundo today, why not investigate one of the nearly 400 installments in our archive?

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