Slight Segundo Slowdown

Due to my inability to secure a reliable broadband connection after a recent move (a lengthy Kafakesque tale presently without end) and an apparent spate of mental fatigue that friends and loved ones have had the kindness to help me identify, I’m going to be slowing down Bat Segundo production in the next month or two. There will still be new shows. I’m sitting on about six interviews and I have a few more scheduled over the next few weeks (including some I’ve scheduling in relation to The New York Film Festival: please see my coverage on the other site). But the upshot is that, between all this and my other activities, I don’t want to burn out. So to preserve my sanity, I’m not going to adhere to a weekly schedule.

So expect at least nine or ten new shows before the year is up.

I anticipate returning to a regular weekly schedule at the beginning of 2011.

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  1. Pickle

    Nine or ten shows before the end of the year is more than enough, normally I wouldn’t expect more than one show of this great quality per month anyway.

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