Gabe Kaplan (BSS #135)

Gabe Kaplan is most recently the author of Kotter’s Back: E-mails from a Faded Celebrity to a Bewildered World. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Not suffering scoundrels riding on past television achievements. Author: Gabe Kaplan Subjects Discussed: Why those duped by email wanted to be included in Gabe Kaplan’s book, celebrity stature, celebrity auctions, Scientology and […]


Marianne Wiggins (BSS #134)

Marianne Wiggins is most recently the author of The Shadow Collector. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Responding to the recent allegations concerning Bat Segundo and Vanessa Hudgens. Author: Marianne Wiggins Subjects Discussed: Fictive alter egos, Philip Roth’s The Counterlife, James Frey, Kurt Vonnegut, Hemingway’s screenplays, Edward Curtis, ephemera, patriarchy, W.G. Sebald, 20th century photographers, The Man […]


William Gibson (BSS #133)

William Gibson is most recently the author of Spook Country. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Puzzled by cyberspace. Author: William Gibson Subjects Discussed: Coats, blankets, and carapaces in Gibson’s fiction, textures, characters with shaved heads, on not having technological issues, the Apple Store, cell phones and the natural street state, obsolete technology and thrift shops, ZX81s, […]