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Shauna Reid (BSS #262)

Shauna Reid is most recently the author of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Still stinging from his measly memoir efforts. Author: Shauna Reid Subjects Discussed: Whether the pursuit of truth is more natural through an anonymous journal, writing as “burdening people,” compartmentalizing online identities, self-esteem, contending with the permanent nature of Read More


David Denby (BSS #261)

David Denby is most recently the author of Snark. Please also see our lengthy essay, in response to Adam Sternbergh’s review. This conversation represents an effort to get Denby to answer questions raised by both pieces. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Ordered against using a snarky tone. Author: David Denby Subjects Discussed: Whether or not Denby Read More


Patricia Cornwell (BSS #257)

Patricia Cornwell is most recently the author of Scarpetta. This interview serves as a companion piece to Sarah Weinman’s Los Angeles Times profile. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Checked in for narcissistic personality disorder. Author: Patricia Cornwell Subjects Discussed: The genesis of Kay Scarpetta after three unpublished novels, Sara Ann Freed’s input into Cornwell’s early career, Read More


Neal Stephenson (BSS #245)

Neal Stephenson is most recently the author of Anathem. It is not known whether or not he “likes cake a lot.” Condition of Mr. Segundo: He likes cake a lot. Author: Neal Stephenson Subjects Discussed: Seven as the ideal number of guests for dinner, William Gibson, the shift from the near future to the past, Read More


Andrea Barrett (BSS #156)

Andrea Barret is most recently the author of The Air We Breathe. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Praising the smell of authors. Author: Andrea Barrett Subjects Discussed: The similarities between pre-World War I and contemporary environments, stumbling upon 1916, sanatoriums, The Magic Mountain, ethnic backgrounds, dwelling upon immigrants and working class backgrounds, blowhard intellectuals, cure cottages, Read More

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