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Gabriel Roth (BSS #508)

Gabriel Roth talks with us for an hour about his debut novel, THE UNKNOWNS, San Francisco culture between the two dot com booms, his Bay Guardian days, the unanticipated influences of My Little Pony and brony culture, avoiding the lad lit label, and writing about what you know. Read More


Roxana Robinson (BSS #503)

We talk with Roxana Robinson about Sparta, talking and living with veterans, why soldiers don’t have a common experience, self-preservation vs. digital culture, Georgia O’Keeffe, playing tennis in inflatable courts, and how socioeconomic investigation into America’s ills often occurs by accident. Read More


Terry Sanders (BSS #188)

Terry Sanders is most recently the director of Fighting for Life, which opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 7th. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Convinced that he is fighting for his life. Guest: Terry Sanders Subjects Discussed: Maintaining an apolitical tone, whether being a military doctor involves politics, apolitical semiotics, how much reality Read More