new york film festival

Kiyoshi Kurosawa (BSS #244)

Filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa is most recently the co-writer and director of Tokyo Sonata, a film that played the New York Film Festival and that will be released by Regent Releasing in the United States on March 17, 2009. For more information on this extraordinary film, please see our review. We also wish to express our […]


Jerzy Skolimowski (BSS #239)

Jerzy Skolimowski is a filmmaker, and is most recently the director of Four Nights with Anna, which is currently playing at the New York Film Festival. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Waiting for the fifth night. Guest: Jerzy Skolimowski Subjects Discussed: Moonlighting (1982), starting from a home to get the lay of the land, the importance […]


Mike Leigh (BSS #238)

Mike Leigh is the filmmaker behind Naked, Life is Sweet, Vera Drake, and, most recently, Happy-Go-Lucky, which is currently playing the New York Film Festival (among many others) and opens in the United States on October 10. Condition of Mr. Segundo: Too unhappy and too unlucky. Guest: Mike Leigh Subjects Discussed: Vocational symmetries within Leigh’s […]